What are Tiki Statues? Learn the History !

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tiki statues

Tiki Statues are small figurines or garden statues that depict a man with a big, scary mouth with a menacing expression that is used to scare evils away.

From the history of Tiki, it came from the mythology of the Māori society. Tiki was the first man-made by Tāne, the god of forests and of birds, or Tūmatauenga, the god of war, food cultivation, hunting, cooking, and fishing. Tiki found Marikoriko, the first woman, and became the father of their daughter, Hine-Kau-ataata.

The history is dated back to the time of ancient Polynesia. It is an essential part of the culture, history, and mythology of the South Pacific.

Just like other religions, the society of Māori believes that Tiki is the first man created. There are two stories of Marikoriko, her wife. Legends have said that Tane created a wife for Tiki, others have stated that Tiki mixed his own blood with clay and created her wife out of it. Another kind of the story was he craved for a companion when he saw his reflection on a pond, he dove into the pond which made him cover the pond with dirt, by which a female partner was created.

The reason for having a number of variations with the story of Tiki because of the number of cultures who paid tribute to him.

There are several statues that were named or manifests the tradition of the Māori society.

• The creator of birds is Tiki-tohua
• The creator of fish and the bird, tui, is Tiki-kapakapa
• The creator of humanity is Tiki-auaha
• The creator of the kūmara is Tiki-whakaeaea

Their ancient followers worshipped them through chants, prayers, and human sacrifice. Tiki carvings are the oldest forms of art, and each of the carvings is unique from each other. Each of the Tikis is introduced from each island culture, those Tikis that are carved by the high-ranking tribesmen are all considered powerful and sacred. However, those that are not carved by the high-ranking tribesmen are only used as a decoration.

These decorative statues are made out of woods or stones. One of the most famous ones in the world can be found on Easter Island, which is situated in the Pacific Ocean. It is the most remotely inhabited island in the world, the island was known for its name Te Pito or Te Henua, which means “The Center of the World”.

Tiki statues have been taken into mass popularity. Today, Tiki has become a representation of the era and culture, which includes the style of creativity of the Polynesian people. Decorations first became popular when it was brought to Los Angeles as a decoration of a bar. By then, it became a decoration for garden and lawn.

The Tiki statues, poles, masks depict more of humanity, the origin, and their emotions. We offer a large collection of statues that can make your garden and yard exquisite. Let us not forget the scowling Gods.

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