What are Lawn Ornaments?

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lawn ornaments

Adding ornaments is an interesting choice to make your lawn more attractive and special. A lot of people love to add lawn ornaments in order to make a statement, express their personal choices and their passion.

Adding lawn or garden ornaments in general, is a matter of personal choice. There are numerous options that solely depend on your lifestyle and your hobbies. You can add lawn ornaments that are directly related to your personal or religious beliefs, your lifestyle, hobbies, and interests. In this article, we talk about the most popular lawn ornaments categories and choices.

Specialized Lawn Ornaments

Animal Forms:

Most people love to add animal forms to their lawns because they are fun and directly related to nature. Frogs, cats, dogs, squirrels, ducks, rabbits and turtles are among the most popular ones. These statues are usually made of cement and can be white or colored according to choice. You can add a statue to your front yard of the animal that you feel most connected to or give a tribute to your old pet that passed away. A life-size replica of a flamingo is also a popular choice. This is usually colored in white and pink and looks just like the real bird.
Some people prefer plastic because it is easier to clean, while others can pick metal statues since they tend to last longer.

Religious Figures:

If you are a religious or spiritual person, then your lawn could be a chance to express your beliefs, and faith. A lot of people love to add angel statues because they bring a sense of serenity, protection and faith. These are usually kept white to emphasize the feeling of innocence these statues bring.

Statues of Jesus and Mary are also very popular among people who are looking to add something special to their lawns. These statues can be thrust into the ground to keep them stable or can be a part of a bathtub. This is usually half buried under the ground so that it doesn’t fall off.
Bird Bath or Feeder: If you love birds then your lawn could be your opportunity to welcome them into your home. A birdbath holds water so that birds can drink or bathe. It is especially very useful in the summer and will make your lawn an excellent spot for birds. This is usually attached to a pedestal that is buried under the ground.

A bird feeder holds food for your uninvited guests. It could be mounted on a stake or a post. It is very important to clean your feeder and bath frequently as they tend to get dirty over time.

Windmills and Spinners:

Windmills and spinners don’t just look great but they also move as the wind blows. Windmills(1) can be built in various sizes and are usually made of wood. People sometimes go for the traditional American aero motor design which features 8 metal vanes, while others prefer

Spinners are usually made in the shape of flowers. The petals move with the wind and spin in the air. Some spinners are made to resemble insects with the wings flying.

If you are planning to add a lawn ornaments to your yard, you have a bunch of different choices to consider. All you have to do is to think about what you like the most and pick an ornament that you feel comfortable with.

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