Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up Your Powder Room

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Bathrooms and kitchens often get all the glory when you decide to remodel or upgrade parts of your home. In some cases, they’ve also cornered the competition on some of the more expensive upgrades you can do to your home. The good news is it doesn’t have to be so expensive to do a powder room makeover if you get a little creative in the process. Consider these simple tips to help you spruce up your powder room on a shoestring budget.

 Change the Color Scheme or Theme

When you start thinking about your room décor needing a change, don’t avoid it for fear of what it will cost. You might be surprised at how far a fresh coat of paint will take you at little cost. You can also add a few accent pieces, like a new towel set and throw rug to complete the look. Place a picture featuring the appropriate color scheme or theme in a brand new frame and hang it on the wall, replacing something old or simply filling a void.

 If you wish, now is a good time to create your seashore bathroom or your classy earth tone. If you are upgrading an entire bathroom on a budget instead of just your powder room, consider getting a new shower curtain and matching towel and rug set and work your way across the theme from there.


 Add Some Fragrance

It’s amazing what a little fragrance can do for the mood and the overall look and feel of a modern powder room. Choose a delightful scented candle or reed diffuser to infuse a lovely fragrance into your room. This will instantly lift spirits while also helping to mask some of those common bathroom odors.

 Enhance the Mood

As you think about beautiful powder room decorating ideas, consider the size of your powder room and decide whether it can benefit from a little accent artwork or a relaxing element like an indoor water fountain. You may wish to freshen things up every so often with a small bouquet of fresh-cut flowers or with a plant that adds to the look and feel of the room. You can even set the stage for a mini spa in your powder room by filling a cute basket with bath and body supplies like mini lotions and body sprays or fragrances. This gives your powder room a cozy, yet luxurious feel that your family and your friends will all appreciate.

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