Things You Need to Consider When Getting Garden Statues

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garden statues in your garden

As homeowners we invest a lot of time and effort in order to make the garden look beautiful and stunning. Aside from the plants that you can place in your garden, you also have to consider the fact that you should pay close attention to the details that can accentuate parts of your garden. That’s where garden statues in and around the area enter into the whole design picture. Over the years, people buy garden statues for different reasons based on the theme of the garden. But if you really want to maximize the use of statues, here are some easy guidelines that you may want to follow.

Always have a theme

You want to always have a theme when it comes to your garden. This way, you will know exactly which type of garden statues are you going to invest on. Are you going to buy a garden gnome coupled with other animals such as reptiles? These statues won’t complement each other.

Instead, what you want is to have a plan first. Perhaps, you want to buy the statues after you have fixed your garden. Also, be sure to stick to just one theme. Do you choose animals over garden gnomes? Or is it the other way around?

Concrete over bronze statues

Concrete statues are way better than bronze statues in terms of durability. This means that it can withstand the elements better than metallic objects. Unfortunately, a lot of people still invest in metallic statues. In addition to this, you also have to consider that concrete statue are actually cheaper.

Only have a few

You also have to make sure that you just have a few statues in your garden. The last thing that you want to happen is to overpopulate the garden with a number of statues. Keep in mind that the statues should just be an accent in your home.

Choose best spots to place garden statues

Also, you may want to place the statues where it can complement the garden. Perhaps, if you have a pond, why not make use of a fish statue? Or maybe, you can even add a crocodile statue or even an angel?

Trees can also be a great location where you can place the statues. You can play around with the idea of having a gnome by the base of the three or have it hanging. You can also have a statue of a frog especially if you are going for animal themed statues.

If you are serious about buying large statues, it is a good idea to choose the larger open areas in your home.  Here, you can play around with different sizes and shapes of various garden statues for decorating.

Making the most out of your garden can be a challenge. Statues can greatly improve the aesthetics of your garden in many ways. You want to make sure that you consider these simple ideas in order plan correctly and to also save the most money.

Starting or rebuilding a garden can take time so try to have fun while buying and choosing the best garden statues. Let’s get started on creating a beautiful and relaxing garden for your home today. You can check our website or the above link for different options to see which statue theme is best for you.

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