How to Pick Easy and Simple Birdhouse Plans

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simple birdhouse plans

A lot of people would love to build a birdhouse on their own. It can be a special time for the whole family as everybody can have a part in a fun DIY project. Moreover, it is a chance to save money as it is definitely less expensive than buying a ready-made one. Finding easy and simple birdhouse plans is what this post is all about.

Building a birdhouse might seem tricky especially if you are not really confident about your wood crafting skills. The truth is that you can pull off building excellent and special birdhouses even if you are not an avid carpenter. All that you need is a good plan and you will be good to go.

Why Do You Need Simple Birdhouse Plans?

You might think that you can design and build your birdhouse but the truth is that this is easier said than done. You might not be able to see all the detailed parts and this can make your job so much more difficult and will also affect the quality of the outcome.

Of course, you can go for a ready-to-use birdhouse kit. But the good ones are not cheap. If this is the first time you are working with wood, you might want to practice with the help of a cheaper option.

How to Find Birdhouse Plans?

Any of the below links are good to find excellent birdhouse plans. Most avid carpenters and woodwork lovers will upload pictures of their plans and how they turned out to be. This will help you see and imagine how your birdhouse will look after it is finished. These plans can be found on craft, hobbies and carpentry websites. Some of these plans are free but you might have to pay for others.

Before you make up your mind, you might want to think about the birds that are most likely going to use your birdhouse.

There are a few things that you can look out for when you are picking your plan. It should include some strategically placed holes for drainage. These will keep your nest dry and healthy for your birds. You should prioritize your bird’s health.  These should be small and near the corners so that they don’t bother the adult birds or the fledglings.

You should also make sure that the simple birdhouse plans include ventilation holes to allow some fresh air to come in. These are either created by shortening the sides or by drilling some holes on the upper side of the walls. There should be no ventilation holes in the roof itself to avoid wetting your birds in case of rain.

Get Advice from Fellow Builders

A good-looking plan is not always the most practical ones. If you can check reviews to see how others found it after execution. Is it really useful for the birds you want to host? Is the opening the appropriate size or do you have to alter it? Moreover, the birdhouse design should allow for easy cleaning to make sure that it stays healthy.

Online forums are usually very helpful because you get to hear about the birdhouse experience from real people. You might want to join a group to post your questions and look out for recommendations. You might think that building your bird house is a difficult job, but the simple birdhouse plans in the links above can make the job easy and fun.

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