See Spot Run Lawn Protectant – Complete and Safe Natural Lawn Care for Pets. Cures and Prevents Dog Urine Spots

See Spot Run Lawn Protectant – Complete and Safe Natural Lawn Care for Pets. Cures and Prevents Dog Urine Spots

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NO MORE YELLOW SPOTS | Repairs, Restores, and Prevents Lawn Grass burn marks and eliminates the embarrassment of a spot-filled yard by healing the brown and yellow spots left by frequent dog urination. While See Spot Run can’t bring dead grass back to life, it’s the most effective grass saver for dog urine without the use of harmful pills. It completely heals the soil to allow new grass, sod or seed to grow. So ditch your grass mat for dogs and let your dog out in the lawn!
KEEPS THE LAWN GREEN AND BEAUTIFUL | Natural green grass is achieved with the use of this product, unlike lawn paint that just covers up the problem. See Spot Run thickens lawns and repairs grass spots by working in the soil and not on the plant itself, making lawns look greener, for longer! See Spot Run can be used with your favorite Lawn Fertilizer, with the exception of insecticides or fertilizers heavy in Nitrogen, as they diminish the soil healing power of our Good Microbes!
COMPLETE, NATURAL & EFFECTIVE LAWN REPAIR LIQUID FORMULA | Our 100% all-natural, long lasting, proven effective proprietary liquid formula is guaranteed to work and promotes a safe environment for all household pets and children giving you peace of mind. For severe damage, See Spot Run will not bring dead grass back to life, but it will naturally, and fully heal the soil so new grass can grow through means of reseeding or sodding. It’s Lawn Protection at its best!
GREAT VALUE, CONVENIENT AND EASY TO APPLY | Our 32oz. concentrate lawn saver for dogs can cover 5,000 square feet of Lawn! The included hose attachment on the bottle makes it easy-to-apply and a great product to integrate into your regular lawn maintenance routine. There is no need to mess with bulky fertilizer spreaders. Just attach a regular garden hose to our 32.oz hose end concentrate, apply to your yard and then lightly water it in for a beautiful, thick lawn!
SAFE FOR ALL YOUR PETS. 100% U.S. MADE | Premium quality is assured as it is a 100% USA made lawn care product. It is completely sourced and formulated in the USA and safer than giving your dog PH altering food or supplements which can cause bladder damage and other serious medical problems. Get great results without the risk of harming your loved ones! Best of all, its safe to use it as an effective aid to your favorite lawn fertilizer, like Scotts Lawn Fertilizer, for a thicker, greener lawn!

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32 oz. bottle w- hose attachment, One gallon refill bottle








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