AeroGarden Miracle-GRO Farm

AeroGarden Miracle-GRO Farm


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If some is good, then MORE is better! With AeroGarden Farm, get more of what you love from the newest member of our smart garden family. MORE pods. MORE yield. MORE fresh & flavor packed herbs and vegetables all year ’round, and even MORE variety than ever before.
These lights can do it all. Not only does The Farm feature 60W of dual LED power for even faster growth and more abundant harvests, but the new motorized control feature unlocks the next level of variety. With independently adjustable lights you can finally grow shorter plants like herbs and salad greens garden next to taller tomato or pepper plants in the same garden.
Location, location, location. With the AeroGarden Farm, you’re free to think beyond just the countertop. This sleek and stylish 24 pod growing machine will stand out in any room of the house, and will be sure to be the talk of your next dinner party or get together.
A smarter garden is a better garden. The AeroGarden Farm is enabled with v2.0 Wi-Fi technology. Control key garden features like turning lights on and off from your smart device via the free AeroGarden app. With reminders right to your phone you’ll never miss a watering or feeding, and you’ll have easy 1-touch posting to social media for showing off pictures of your lush and beautiful garden with friends and family.
Ready to grow. The AeroGarden Farm comes with a free Salad Bar Seed Pod Kit. In no time at all, you’ll be harvesting a delectable mixture of heirloom greens, flavor packed herbs, and ripe, juicy cherry tomatoes. Store bought, pre-mixed salads are now a thing of the past.
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12" Grow Height, 24" Grow Height


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