Inexpensive Ways to Enhance the Mood of Your Home

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Think about the rooms of your home. Some are designated for sleep and relaxation while others are for cooking and eating, cleansing and primping, and spending time socializing with others. Different rooms have different purposes, and as such, some simple decorating tips can help to set the mood appropriately for any room of your home.

 Colors and Moods

For a long time, color has held close ties to mood and behavior–it’s called color psychology. The colors of something–room colors, linens on your bed, paint on the walls, a beautiful vase–can actually impact the way you feel and how you act. Choose artwork and other handcrafted items in eye-catching styles of blown glass or other artistic accent pieces that catch the vibe you are trying to create. Focus on relaxing bedroom colors and more energetic playroom and exercise room colors to set the mood appropriately. As you choose the most prominent focal points for each room in your home, be sure to choose colors that make you feel good about being in that room.

 Relaxing Home Furnishings

Rooms designed for relaxation–like bedrooms, living rooms, and even bathrooms–can benefit from luxurious, soothing home furnishings that add a touch of class. Decorative indoor tabletop water fountains bring the gentle sound of water into the home while the lovely designs are appealing to the eye as well. Choose a fountain style that suits the room and its purpose or simple something that complements your existing décor and style preferences. Consider spa-like fountains, simple fountains with bowls or steps, and even cute fountains featuring people or animals.

More Home Décor Ideas

Visual impacts aren’t the only ones that matter when you’re trying to create just the right mood for your home. Appeal to the sense of smell–the sense strongest tied to memory. A lovely fragrance by way of luxurious candles or a specialty reed diffuser can infuse just the right aroma into a home, lifting spirits and keeping everything smelling fresh and beautiful. Choose relaxing scents like lavender to keep a calm environment, or something more energizing like a citrus fragrance to liven up a room.

Changing the look and feel of your home can be easy and inexpensive if you go into the process with a solid plan. Browse our wide selection of home décor items and home furnishings to create the perfect atmosphere and set the mood for your home.

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