Great Hostess Gifts for Your Social Outings

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From holidays to simple dinner parties, it’s nice to be invited to dine and socialize at someone else’s house. In many such situations, it is customary to bring a small token of your appreciation for the hostess in the form of a hostess gift. Of course, sometimes hostess gifts become more of an afterthought as you scramble to ready yourself and your family for the party. Here are some suggestions of great hostess gifts to consider for your upcoming holidays and social events out of the home.

 Traditional Hostess Gifts, with a Twist

Flowers have been a customary hostess gift, especially when grown children come home or when visiting extended family. Rather than a bouquet that will eventually wither and die, why not choose a lovely planter and pot a pretty houseplant or indoor flower yourself? This hostess gift is thoughtful, meaningful, and designed to last quite a while.

 You might also consider bringing a homemade dessert or a sweet treat picked out from a bakery or candy shop for the hostess to either serve or keep aside for her own family to enjoy at another time. Scented candles can be wonderful gestures of thanks as well as great hostess gift ideas, even if you are mere acquaintances with the hostess.


 Wine Themed Hostess Gifts

For some of your closer friends and family, particularly those whom you know enjoy a nice glass of wine, some wine themed hostess gifts can be the perfect choice to say “thank you.” Consider a wine bottle stopperwine chilling stick, some beautiful wine charms so guests can tell the wine glasses apart, or even a nice wine tote your hostess can enjoy when she’s not the one hosting.

 The best hostess gifts are typically the ones you put your heart into–whether it’s something handmade or something selected and purchased especially with the hostess in mind. Not everyone thinks to bring a hostess gift, even inexpensive hostess gifts, so the lady of the house will surely feel special if you do. When it comes to hostess gifts, it really is the thought that counts.

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