Top Tips on Gardening and Lawn Care

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Gardening and Lawn Care

Top Tips on Gardening and Lawn Care

Who does not want an outstanding lawn? Gardens and lawns can be a source of pride, it is the place where your family can relax and where your children can play. You might not know, but your lawn is a great help during the hot summer months and it keeps your family healthy. It serves as a huge source of air, as it releases oxygen and simultaneously captures dust.

These gardening and lawn care tips can give you a healthy and mesmerizing lawn and garden. Transform your garden and lawn into a low maintenance, yet high- quality paradise.

Your soil needs to be modified.

The acidity level of the soil(1) is essential, to determine the pH level, take samples around the yard and send them to the local extension service to test it. You can fix the problems of the acidity level of the soil through introducing lime, this is done to raise the acidity level of the soil, or iron to decrease it. Most grasses prefer a 6.0 to 7.2 acidity level.

Ensure that you are using a sharp blade.

Use a sharp and balanced blade on your mower to ensure a clean and even cut off your lawn. A blunt blade can have a damaging effect, instead of cutting the grass the blunt blade will tear it up. Avoid mowing any stones to maintain a sharp blade.

Do not mow your grass too short.

Check the cutting height of your mower, do not scalp the lawn too short. It can leave the soil open to moss invasion. Keep your grass long by 7.5 to 10 centimeters or 3 to 4 inches tall. It is said that longer grass is healthier, this prevents weed seeds from growing. With long grasses, it keeps the soil cool, it ensures that there is trapped moisture and soil microbes are encouraged. However, the grass length varies throughout the season. It is recommended that at the beginning of the year cut the grass with a blade height of 2.5 centimeters to 4.5 centimeters, for the dead grass to be removed and for sunlight exposure. During the summer months, have the grass height is 5 centimeters or more.

A healthy lawn and garden receive proper fertilization.

There are things to consider when applying gardening products to your lawn. You have to assess the location, weed type, grass type, and the condition of the soil. If you opt to apply a fertilizer, do it during early spring to encourage root growth.

However, there are some who tend to over apply fertilizer to shady areas because they thought the grass is struggling. However, they did not know it just kills faster. A lawn that is fully exposed under the sun and a lawn that can get only a small amount of direct sun have different fertilizer and water needs. The lawn that is not fully exposed under to sun needs less water and fertilizer because it cannot grow and evaporate that much.

Remember, the art of gardening and lawn care is a continuous process that if carefully planned out and scheduled can be very rewarding. Always read the directions on the garden supplies you purchase for best results.

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