Everything You Need to Know About Birdhouses

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Everything You Need to Know About Birdhouses

A birdhouse is a great addition to your garden or backyard. This is a great idea to preserve the population of birds(1) in a certain area and will also make your garden a birds-friendly space. Birdhouses were invented in the 19th century to protect bird life and wildlife. But now, people use them to make their gardens more attractive. The original ones were usually made of wood. These are still used by most people. Some people also mix wood with concrete or use metal to build their birdhouses.

Why Should You Build Your Own Bird House?

A birdhouse will give you the chance to watch birds. If 2 birds choose your birdhouse to make it their home, then you are in for an extremely rewarding experience. Once the birds are comfortable, they will lay eggs and raise their babies in your birdhouse. It will be a great chance to teach your kids something about animals, life, and compassion.

Not all birds will use birdhouses. Some birds will not be able to use your birdhouse no matter how attractive you think it is. But a lot of species will feel extremely thankful that you’ve made a special place for them to rest and protect their babies.

General Construction of Birdhouses:

Most birdhouses are made of untreated wood. This is extremely safe and suitable for birds and they will feel comfortable to use. A birdhouse should have a sloped roof and a recessed floor. It is very important to make sure that it has enough holes for ventilation and drainage. These will keep the birdhouse clean and healthy for the birds to use. There should also be an anterior opening that you can easily access to clean the insides of the birdhouse every now and then.

You can either go for a simple design or get creative with your birdhouse ideas. Some complex designs will resemble human homes, feature decorations or paintings. A lot of wildlife lovers also install small cameras to watch the activity inside the birdhouse.

The opening front of the birdhouse is the main factor that the birds will consider before nesting in. Most birds will choose a house with an opening only big enough to let one adult bird in. This will prevent other and bigger birds from raiding the birdhouse, eating the eggs or harming the babies. The overall size of the birdhouse will also influence certain species to consider it as their new home. A very small box will be more attractive to smaller species like treecreepers while big birdhouses might attract bigger birds like owls or ducks.

Some species will prefer woodcrete, a mixture made of concrete and wood while other prefer wooden birdhouses. Woodcrete makes the birdhouse warmer. Ducks might prefer their birdhouses to be low or even at ground level, while birds of prey prefer their houses placed at optimum height.

It is very important to keep an eye on the birdhouse and clean it after your birds have flown away. Make sure that you remove all old nest material to keep it ready for the new guests and a new experience.

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