Common Mistakes in Your Outdoor Lighting Planning

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If you are going to install outdoor lighting for your home, keep in mind that it should meet few basic functions. One, it should allow you to see where you are going. Anyone getting in and out of the house should be able to get cross the yard safely without tripping on anything. Next, it should be able to add beauty to your yard as it can accentuate your outdoor space, especially at night. And lastly, the outdoor lighting should be able to light the house in order to alert the thieves that someone is at home.

So what are the most common mistakes that you will commit along the way if you are going to buy outdoor lighting?

Not having a plan when planning your Outdoor Lighting

The first thing that you have to understand when it comes to anything that involves installation in your house is to have a plan. You want to make sure that it is going to compliment the outdoor space. Next, you want to also choose from the different types of lighting options(1). What kind of bulb do you prefer?

Also, you want to make sure that the electrical lines have a clear plan. Schematic should be well planned in order to ensure that everything is going to be installed correctly and safely.

Choosing lights that are too bright

You don’t want to have a spotlight in your house. Instead, you just want something that is subtle. Yes, you don’t have to replicate the light during daytime. Keep in mind that other people are also sleeping and your lights might be too distracting for the neighborhood.

Not knowing where to focus

Your light should be focused on something that can showcase your outdoor design. Try to talk to your landscaping expert which part of your garden is the best place to focus the light on. As rule of thumb, you want to avoid focusing on growing foliage. Also, you may want to choose colored lights in order to accentuate parts of your garden like an outdoor fence that you can string lights through.

Not thinking of functionality

Lighting should also not be distracting on your part. You don’t want to park your car at night with lights pointing towards your eyes. Rather, you want the lights to be aimed at the path where you are going to park the car. Also, you don’t want to overdo the lighting as well.

Not having the necessary timer

Not having a timer in your outdoor lighting can cost a lot of money. What you want is to have a timer that will automatically shut off in the morning. Better yet, you want something that can automatically turn on or off depending on the presence of light. This means that it will automatically shut off once there is enough daylight.

A lot of people are confused about the outdoor lighting that they are supposed to purchase. The reality is that there are people committing so many mistakes when it comes to their choices. Try to take a closer look at these mistakes and avoid them as much as you can. You will be surprised how much improvement you will see in your home’s aesthetics at night.

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