Beautiful Birdhouses to Spruce up Your Home and Yard

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Unique home décor accents can dress up special rooms in your house or your favorite corner of the yard. Invite some feathery friends to take up residence in your yard by placing beautiful birdhouses on one of your trees outside. A lovely birdhouse can also be the perfect piece to add to your existing interior design, even if you don’t intend for birds to actually inhabit the dainty structure.


A Feeling of Welcome

The distinctive style of a birdhouse gives your home a more welcoming look and feel. Unusual, intricate birdhouses add a touch of personality to a room or to your home’s outdoor atmosphere. Create a humble abode for beautiful birds with an outdoor birdhouse or choose a fancy one to go along with the theme of your sunroom, powder room, family room, or other favorite place inside.


A Fun Beach Hangout Birdhouse

Look no further for a unique birdhouse that will give you a relaxed feeling every time you see it. Our Beach Hangout Birdhouse (SKU: 34715) offers a fun taste of the seashore for indoor or outdoor enjoyment. Attract fun-loving birds who can take shelter in the wood and straw birdhouse and offer them a cozy perch on the tiny barstools around the outside of the birdie bungalow.


Other Unique Birdhouses and Designs

The Beach Hangout Birdhouse is one of our all-time favorites, but Online Shopper brings you a vast selection of more than 60 birdhouses to consider for your home and yard. You can find a special birdhouse design for anyone at all, with cute birdie cottages for all your favorite vacation spots–the lake, the mountains, a birdie hotel, and the seashore. You can create just the right atmosphere with birdhouse themes like fishing, the casino, a barnyard, a fifties diner, baseball, nautical, a winery, and more.


Even as the seasons change and new holidays approach, you can find the perfect birdhouse to go with your holiday décor, such as our gingerbread birdhouse, a patriotic birdhouse, or even the School Daze birdhouse. View all of our unique birdhouse designs from the home page under our Garden section.

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