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birdhouse designs

Adding a birdhouse to your garden or backyard allows you to create a safe haven for your little flying guests. It is a chance to give it back to nature by offering shelter and protection to birds that are always in danger because we mess with their natural habitat. How do you find the best birdhouse designs?

Coming up with the most practical design is not difficult. As a matter of fact, birdhouses are not very difficult to build. You can go for a simple box design or you can consider something more complicated.

Nevertheless, there are some easy tips that will help you come up with the best birdhouse designs.

Understand the Best Birdhouse Designs to Attract Birds to the Birdhouse:

What you think is attractive might not be so desirable from a bird’s point of view. Just like humans who think about the flooring, kitchen size and bathrooms available before purchasing a house, birds will also consider special features that will make a birdhouse more attractive:

Entrance Hole Size:

This will determine the type of birds(1) that might find your birdhouse suitable. You need to make a research about the species of birds that live in your neighborhood. Pick a hole size that will allow one adult bird to get into the birdhouse with no problem.
A hole that is too big might be a hazard. It might let bigger birds inside which could harm the little birds or they might fall off the birdhouse. If the hole is too small, the birds might get stuck inside the birdhouse or they might not use it in the first place.

Size and Height of the birdhouse:

The size of the empty cavity inside the birdhouse should be suitable for the size of 2 adult birds and for their little fledglings. If the birdhouse is too small, birds will not consider it comfortable enough and it might not be safe to keep their little chicks. Birdhouses should be placed at the optimum height for birds to get inside. For example, if you want bigger birds like ducks to nest in your birdhouse you might want to place your birdhouse lower or even at ground level.

House Location:

You need to strategically position your birdhouse at a safe distance from plants. If it is too close, some predators might use nearby plants to ambush the parents or the little chicks. At the same time, it should be close enough to plants so that parent birds can safely find food. Place your birdhouse so that the opening doesn’t face direct sunlight or strong winds. This will provide better protection to the little chicks. Partial shade is a good idea to keep the birdhouse cool. You can also use an overhang to provide more protection from sunlight.

An overhanging roof is also a good idea to provide better protection from the rain. You should also angle your birdhouse so that rain doesn’t get through the ventilation holes as this might hurt the little chicks. Following these easy birdhouse ideas and practical tips will make your design more successful. Choosing birdhouse designs and building a birdhouse is not such a challenging task if you know what to look out for.

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