Basics Of Garden Arts and How to Create A Wonderful Garden

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garden art

It is within us to build and create a beautiful garden. A garden is an outdoor area that is purposely allotted for cultivation and display of herbs, plants, and flowers. This is were you can imagine being back in art class and create your own garden arts space. It can be decorated with both man-made and natural materials. As gardens are a combination of natural and man-made components, most of the natural gardens are seen as a man-made creation.

Whether the garden was designed by a professional gardener or by your own magical creation, there are fundamental requirements that need to be fulfilled to expand the need and desire of garden arts.


The location of the garden can provide an impression and an influence on its design. Design and build your garden where you can always see and enjoy it.


The soil determines the availability of nutrients and water, which determines the type of plant that can be grown on the type of soil. Start by adding these key nutrients so your garden plants will have a boost from the start.

Garden Arts and Planting Design

Aesthetic judgments and pure talent make the planting design successful. There is two major tradition in planting design, the formal rectilinear planting design, and the formal asymmetrical planting design.

In garden arts, ornaments are being used. Garden ornaments are a set of items that are used to decorate and improve the appearance of the garden or lawn. The earliest usage of garden ornaments dated back to the era of Ancient Rome. Since then, gardens have been inspired or themed with the Renaissance era, the French, England, and Japan landscape garden.

To consider your garden arts as reputable and beautiful, here are some of the garden ornaments that you can put up in your garden.

Bird baths

It is an essential, man-made puddle where the birds can take a bath. The birdbath or birdhouse can be in any form depending on your preferred design.


The sole purpose of fountains is to provide to the people the water to drink.


This is an ancient clock that uses the geographic location of the sun. It uses light to determine the time, the gnomon is the cause of shadow.


It is a sculpture of animals, but mostly of humans. The oldest statue was 30,000 years old. Statues help define certain areas and can add the right touch to your garden.


This is used to make the statues rest, it is used for planters and vases as their platforms. With these, statues are being recognized.


It has many sizes and shapes that can accommodate the type of plant. Planters can be hanged, or if not, there are holes at the bottom to drain the water from the pot.

Garden arts is the process and form of expression through its designs which created the layouts of the landscapes and plants of the garden. Gardeners and professional garden designers have a different level of expertise and experience from each other, thus, these people have undergone a training in horticulture and the principles in designing.

The natural components of the garden are composed of flora, fauna, soil, water, light, and air. More so, the man-made components are composed of patios, decks, paths, sculptures, and buildings.

Gardeners should take care of the environment, gardens have such great impact on the environment. Damages may include the destruction of the natural habitat and climate change.

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