Beautiful Backyard and Indoor Water Fountains to Invite Relaxation

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Invite serenity and beauty to your home, your garden, or your backyard with lovely, soothing water fountains. Fountains create a relaxing mood while enveloping the surrounding area in the blissfulness of nature. The sweet sounds of water trickling are calming after a long day and gentle enough to lull you off to sleep on a lazy weekend. Fountains are a beautiful addition to your existing home décor, but also serve as a stunning focal point in your gardens or outdoor patio areas.

Online Shopper offers a diverse selection of water fountains of all sizes for inside or outside your home. If you are looking for that perfect gift for a special someone, you can find a water fountain design to suit just about any interest or style preference.

 Indoor Water Fountain and Backyard Water Fountain Designs

 Tabletop water fountains(1) offer a subtle mood enhancement to your favorite rooms of the home. Simply choose a cozy corner of your home to place a small indoor water fountain where your family and guests can see, hear, and enjoy its whimsical influence. Some of our favorite indoor water fountain designs include: the elegant Calla Lily Water Fountain, Cascading Water Tabletop Fountain, and the Eternal Steps Fountain.

 Introduce a fine garden water fountain or backyard water fountain to your favorite outdoor abode. The fountain totally changes the atmosphere of its setting, creating a peaceful and tranquil location to relax and enjoy nature’s bounty. Some of our favorite outdoor water fountains include: Bucketful Outdoor Fountain featuring a girl and her puppy, Cool Drink Children Solar Fountain, Lotus Blooms Water Fountain, and the Natural Balance Water Fountain.

 Benefits of Water Fountains

 Water itself symbolizes purity, cleansing, and healing. It is one of the Earth’s essential elements and a prized basic need for all life. Indoor and outdoor water fountains capture the essence of water both visually and audibly, creating a lovely, relaxing environment for all to enjoy. The rhythmic sound and sight of the water can relax your body, mind, and soul, giving you peaceful respite in or just outside your own home. The white noise of the trickling water makes it easy to let your cares just slip away.

 Besides the visual appeal, water fountains can act as humidifiers, helping to add moisture back into the dry air of our homes. From another health standpoint, water fountains help to purify the air by creating negative ions. These ions trap dust particles and clear them away from the air, allowing you to breathe pure air more freely.

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