Back to School Must Haves for Tots to Teens

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From preschool to college, kids continue to need things for back to school as each new school year arrives. A new backpack and a new lunchbox often come with the territory of starting another year of school, no matter what the student’s age. Patterns and styles will surely vary, and the checklist of back-to-school items certainly grows as children get older.

 Shopping online can help to save money while also saving some time running from store to store. Here’s a checklist of back-to-school must-haves for students of all ages:

 Back-to-School for Younger Students

  • Backpack – Kids love having their favorite color or character along for a day of school!
  • Lunchbox
  • Food storage containers – Even preschoolers will love bright, fun containers for their lunches!
  • School clothing
  • School shoes
  • Crayons and craft supplies – Encourage art from an early age!
  • Notebooks
  • Pencils

 Back-to-School for College Coeds
o Dorm Supplies

o   Linens – sheets, blanketspillows, towels, etc.

o   Alarm clock

o   Mini fridge

o   Microwave

o   Food storage containers

o   Food and beverages

o   Utensils and other kitchen supplies – Have a little fun in college with some new cooking and baking ware.

o   New school clothes and shoes

o   Laundry supplies

o   Toiletries and bath supplies

o   Shower shoes

o   Shower caddy

o   Storage bins – Organization is key when you’re sharing a room with a new roommate!

o   Trashcan

  • School Supplies

o   Notebooks and paper

o   Binders

o   Pens and pencils

o   Post-its

o   Stapler, scissors, paperclips, and desk supplies

o   Computer, printer, speakers, and accessories – Mobile is the way of today, so your student may get away with having a laptop instead of a whole desktop setup.

o   Cables and surge protectors – Your student will have a new appreciation for these!

o   USB Flash drive

o   Notebook sleeve or case

o   Calculator

o   Bulletin board

o   Batteries


Depending on your student’s interests and intended curriculum, you may find additional items you need to pick up in addition to this starter list. Be sure to keep track of all that you need to buy so you can avoid overspending or forgetting something entirely.

 While all of these back-to-school supplies seem to favor the students, don’t forget about a little something for mom and dad. Choose a special photo frame for each child’s school photo, or a collage style school photo frame to fill with school photos over the years.

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