The 4 Hottest Solar Garden Decor Ideas

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solar garden decor

Environmental additions to the house are all the rage right now. With so many people caring about the planet and trying to reduce their reliance on unsustainable energy, why not add solar power to your garden? There are tons of ways to add décor to your garden and embrace solar power at the same time.

Solar Garden Decor Ideas and Products

Hanging solar lanterns around the garden creates a romantic and calming atmosphere.

The only problem is turning them on every night, especially if you have a large yard and would have to walk for a while to get to the back. With solar panels(1), the lanterns are storing energy from the sun all day when it’s out. Then, at night when it’s dark, that stored energy powers the lanterns and creates light. No need to go turn any of them on or walk to the back of the yard, the natural process of solar panels storing sunlight takes care of that for you.

Water fountains with solar lighting

Depending on your style, adding exquisite water fountains to your garden adds a classy and high-end vibe to your yard. Now, you can get water fountains that are completely solar powered and don’t require any function from you. For example, some solar-powered fountains don’t need any electrical plugs or dug up water reservoirs. The fountain recycles its own water by running over a design element (like 2 baby cherubs pouring water on a flower), to sitting in the tub section, then being forced back up to the spout. Solar energy is stored and used all day to direct the water.

Garden Statues

There are hundreds of different animals and characters that we place in our gardens for personal style. Some common examples are little fairy statutes, birds, or frogs. One way to spruce up those cute little faces is to have them light up at night. Through tiny solar panels, the figures collect and store energy from the sun all day. Then, at night that energy is used to light up the figure. There’s nothing like a garden full of dazzling fairies at night to add some mystic and enchantment to your yard.

Fairy Lights

Speaking of lighting up fairies, why not hang a string of sparkly fairy lights around the patio? Perfect for evening dinner parties or just some night caps with your friends, string lights make your patio look magical and welcoming. By using solar-powered lights, you aren’t restricted to hanging them near a wall plug on the side of the house. Make sure you plan out your outdoor lighting project. You can put them anywhere in your yard as long as they have access to the sun during the day.

Using solar-powered decor in your yard is an environmentally friendly and super chic way to add style to your backyard. Not only do you not having to worry about turning the décor on and off, it won’t affect your energy bills. Whether it’s through hanging lights and lanterns, garden statues, or water fountains, solar garden decor will illuminate the magic and stylish design of your garden.

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