4 Gorgeous Fence Decor Ideas to Check Out

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Most suburban houses have a fenced backyard, effectively turning your beautiful yard into a box. For those who care about home décor and curb appeal, fences are a wasted space and an eyesore. What if you could transform those wooden or chain link walls into works of art? We’ve compiled a list of the 4 best, most chic and trendy outdoor decorative fence ideas.

For the more eclectic and quirky sense of style, mirrors add the best hint of intrigue and uniqueness to your yard.

We’ve seen it done in a minimalist way; small, square mirrors placed on the every-other panel of wood in the fence creating a simple pattern. We’ve seen them leaning against the fence but sitting on the ground; giant antique framed mirrors in varying shapes. Another way to incorporate mirrors is to hang them on the fence that surrounds the seating area. Similar to a restaurant’s outdoor patio, mirrors make space look bigger and give guests a chance to check their teeth for food.

Metal art installations.

If you go to the closest flea market or antique roadshow, you’ll likely find a wide array of metal art pieces. These can range from giant metal suns with faces to “who knows what it is” metal designs that simply look cool. Using unique, one of a kind metal art is an interesting way to bring creativity to your yard but also embrace the outdoor atmosphere. Metal is used everywhere outdoors, from garden tools to the barbeque. Turn the everyday use of metal in the yard into works of art on your fence.

The use of outdoor fabrics in your outdoor space can take the atmosphere from campfire to sultan’s tent.

All you have to do is add some hooks along the top of the fence and then cut small holes in the top of the fabric (many outdoor fabrics come with holes already) to hang from the hooks. You can make it as flowy or taught as you want for your décor. We love when a fabric is hung loose and flowy on the fence behind a seating area. It makes the setup more romantic, chic, and trendy. Plus outdoor fabric is waterproof.

As simple as it, painting the fence changes the look of your backyard completely.

Depending on your budget, you may not have sprung for the most luxurious wood option. However, sand the wood; add some stain or a coat of paint and the yard is transformed. Unfortunately, the effect of paint isn’t quite the same on chain-linked fences.

The fence in your yard is essentially an oyster of design possibilities. Use the 4 decorative fence ideas above, or do more research in your neighborhood for ideas that look great. Consider the style of houses in your neighborhood, the size and width of the fence, and if it’s made from wood or chain. There are so many ways to take your yard from “blah” to gorgeous, just add some decoration to the fences.

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